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Everything We Know About Chrishell Stause’s Future at The Oppenheim


Nov 3, 2023

Office romances almost always get complicated, but dating your boss? Frankly, it’s probably never a good idea. As Chrishell Stause learns in seasons five, six, and seven of Netflix’s “Selling Sunset,” some work relationships can get even more complicated after a breakup. “I do need space to help myself detach,” Stause told coworker Emma Hernan in season five, following her split from The Oppenheim Group brokerage owner Jason Oppenheim. “I don’t know if we can keep working together anymore.”

The 2022 season ended with Stause’s future at The Oppenheim Group — and on the show — hanging in the balance. But as we see in season six, which premiered on May 19, she returns to the office, and in a much happier state. That’s all thanks to her partner, musician G Flip. Stause and G Flip actually tied the knot on May 10, a moment that takes place during season seven of the drama, which premiered Nov. 3.

As for how things are between Stause and Oppenheim, it’s kind of a mixed bag. During season six, it seemed both had happily moved on and were supportive of each other’s relationships. Oppenheim started dating girlfriend Marie-Lou Nürk in the summer of 2022 (and no, she doesn’t work at his brokerage firm like Stause and his other exes). But in season seven, Nürk is really uncomfortable with Stause and Oppenheim’s closeness. The season stopped filming in mid-May, and Nürk and Oppenheim ended up splitting in the weeks after.

But the question remains: are Stause and Oppenheim still working together? Read ahead for what we know.

Is Chrishell Stause Still at The Oppenheim Group?

Stause and Oppenheim announced their split in separate Instagram posts in December 2021, five months after making their relationship public. While Stause expressed doubts about continuing to work with Oppenheim, a source told Us Weekly at the time that the environment in the office “hasn’t been affected by the breakup.” Stause is, in fact, still listed as an agent on The Oppenheim Group’s website as of October, and in a February 2022 interview on “The Tamron Hall Show,” she told the daytime talk show host that she and Oppenheim remain close. “I’m proud to say he’s one of my best friends, and we are super supportive of each other,” Stause said.

To be fair, Oppenheim is no stranger to working with an ex. He also dated “Selling Sunset”‘s Mary Fitzgerald, an agent at The Oppenheim Group who’s also a close friend of Stause’s. “There were times during that initial period when they first broke up, it wasn’t fun to have to say, ‘Okay are we gonna have this group or this group’, but they needed space for that short period of time,” Fitzgerald told the Mirror in April 2022. Nicole Young, who joined the show in season six, also dated Oppenheim.

Stause acknowledged that there once was a transition period following her split from Oppenheim but also said they were both committed to making it work and preserving the dynamics in the office. “In the beginning, it takes two people really wanting to put that effort in because it’s important to them,” Stause told Hall. “It was such a priority to both of us to try and fight through that . . . so that we could really be at the place that we are today.”

The aftermath of Stause and Oppenheim’s breakup and reconciliation, naturally, made its way to “Selling Sunset” season six with a bit of drama mixed in. Surprisingly, it was between Stause and Fitzgerald, whom the former accused of siding with her ex after their breakup. “I didn’t anticipate it being so, like, Mary’s on Jason’s side. I thought it would feel a little bit more in the middle,” Stause told Hernan in season six. “I haven’t connected with Mary one-on-one since the breakup. . . . To go from feeling like sisters to more like acquaintances, I don’t know if it’s something that we can work past to get it back as it was before.”

During season six, Fitzgerald asked Oppenheim for his help in resolving the fallout between her and Stause, to which he said he didn’t want to get in between two ex-girlfriends. “This is my worst nightmare,” Fitzgerald told him. “You’re a d*ck.”

However, Fitzgerald and Stause have since come to an understanding and repaired their friendship. The latter posted a photo of the two, alongside fellow castmate Heather Rae El Moussa, on Instagram on March 6 and captioned it, “Had the BEST girl catch up yesterday and got to meet baby Tristan 🥰🥰🥰 Heart melted!” During season seven, the pair continue to catch up.

But in season seven, Stause’s fight with Young rages on, and combined with her conflict with Nürk, by the end of the season, it seems Stause might be thinking about leaving the workplace behind. However, she is still listed as an agent on The Oppenheim Group’s website. The show hasn’t been renewed for season eight just yet, but if it is, we won’t be surprised to see Stause back.

Oppenheim told People in a Nov. 2 interview that he’s still figuring out how to balance being friends and colleagues with Stause when he’s in a relationship. “I think Chrishell has already told me that she’s not going to lunch with any of my future girlfriends,” he said.

He added of where he and Stause stand now, “We were very close friends before we were boyfriend-girlfriend. And I think that that relationship only strengthened our bond and our friendship and created a deep connection. And that continues. I think our friendship is stronger today because of it.”

All seasons of “Selling Sunset” are now streaming on Netflix.


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