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Shawna and Mia Face Their First Tour Hurdle in Exclusive


Nov 9, 2023

Shawna and Mia are finally getting their first taste of fame in “Rap Sh!t,” though they’re still fighting for a spot on their own tour. In this exclusive sneak peek at season two, the estranged high school-friends-turned-rap duo (played by KaMillion and Aida Osman) get good news from their manager, Francois (Jaboukie Young-White), regarding their first-ever tour — but there’s a catch. Despite their viral success and thousands of presale tickets, the pair are informed they can’t perform their biggest hit, “Seduce and Scheme,” because of their tour mate, headliner Reina Reign.

“That is not on the set list,” he tells them and their other manager, Chasity (Jonica Booth). He adds, “We really only got room for ‘Tongue,'” referring to their remixed track with Reina.

Confused about the lack of stage time, Shawna asks, “What, they can’t give us 10 minutes? We have two songs.”

It doesn’t take long for a zealous Chasity to step in on their behalf, reminding Francois of the duo’s track record. “We doing numbers right now. They gon’ bring the fans out, they gon’ perform their ass off. We gotta have our own set. And the first song we dropped almost got a million streams.”

As the clip teases, tour life isn’t the only challenge Shawna and Mia face this season. Their managers’ difference of opinion may threaten their careers as well. While Chasity is passionate about helping the girls reach the top, Francois seems to be splitting his focus between them and Reina. Will that work out in the end? Only time will tell. Francois makes a convincing argument, though, that a record deal is in Shawna and Mia’s future if they kill their tour.

Of course, it won’t be that simple. The Issa Rae–created series is bound to map out a few bumps in the road.

Tune in to “Rap Sh!t”‘s season two premiere on Max on Nov. 9.


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