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Megan Fox Says Her New Poetry Book Is “Something Women


Nov 7, 2023

Megan Fox is putting pen to paper. On Aug. 8, the 37-year-old actor announced on Instagram that she has a book on the way, titled “Pretty Boys Are Poisonous.” “i wrote a book ,” Fox captioned her post. “Pre-order now at the link in my bio. Out November 7th.”

Fox shared more details about her upcoming project in one of the slides featured in the photo carousel. “These poems were written in an attempt to excise the illness that had taken root in me because of my silence,” she began. “I’ve spent my entire life keeping the secrets of men, my body aches from carrying the weight of their sins. My freedom lives in these pages and I hope that my words can inspire others to take back their happiness and their identity by using their voice to illuminate what’s been buried, but not forgotten, in the darkness.”

According to the book’s publisher, Simon & Schuster, (yes, the same publisher that worked with Britney Spears on her memoir), “Megan Fox showcases her wicked humor throughout a heartbreaking and dark collection of poetry.” The book consists of over 70 poems in which “Fox chronicles all the ways in which we fit ourselves into the shape of the ones we love, even if it means losing ourselves in the process.”

“‘Pretty Boys Are Poisonous’ marks the powerful debut from one of the most well-known women of our time,” Simon & Schuster stated in a press release. “Turn the page, bite the apple, and sink your teeth into the most deliciously compelling and addictive books you’ll read all year.”

Megan Fox’s “Pretty Boys Are Poisonous” Release Date

Fox’s poetry book hits bookshelves on Nov. 7. You can preorder your copy now.

Megan Fox’s “Pretty Boys Are Poisonous” Inspiration

Speaking to People in November, Fox said her book “comes from a lot of places.” She explained, “Some of it is literal, while other parts are allegorical. Some poems contain a Grimm’s-fairy-tale-type element, and others serve the same purpose as memes in online culture.”

“All of it,” she added, “is something women can relate to.”

Fox told the publication that she opted to write about her “whole life” because “acting doesn’t really allow me to express myself fully in the way writing does.” She noted, “Poetry gives me a space to experience some catharsis through art.”

One of the themes explored in the book is toxic dynamics, because, as Fox puts it, “relationships are complicated.” “For most of us, it’s not a fairy tale. Relationships are not pretty. They are ugly. Sometimes they are a war,” she said. “But through a wound enters an opportunity to grow and become a stronger more whole version of yourself.”

Megan Fox’s “Pretty Boys Are Poisonous” Cover


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