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Chris Is the “Love Is Blind” Villain We Never Saw


Oct 17, 2023

“Love Is Blind” fans have been bamboozled by the most unlikely culprit: Chris Fox. Despite initially seeming like the only decent guy on season five of the Netflix dating series, he wound up being a f*ckboy in disguise — as if we really needed another villain. The truth came out during the reunion special, which aired on Oct. 15, where some cast members gathered to share updates on their relationships after filming wrapped up last year. Although Chris and Johnie had reconciled and were happily dating the last time we saw them, their romance didn’t continue off screen much longer because Chris ghosted Johnie . . . and started dating someone new. Yep, we didn’t see it coming either.

As a quick refresher, Johnie broke things off with Chris in the pods to fully pursue Izzy, but Izzy proposed to Stacy instead. Second guessing her decision, Johnie tried to win Chris back, but he turned her down, and they both left single. (Whew, are you still with us?) Fast forward to the cast barbecue in episodes seven and eight; Johnie revealed that she and Chris were officially boyfriend and girlfriend after reuniting at the airport and salvaging their connection. Chris comforted and defended Johnie when Izzy and Stacy berated her, and the pair seemed solid — or so we thought.

As Johnie revealed at the reunion, Chris stopped communicating with her following the barbecue and started dating someone else without so much as a breakup text. “I didn’t handle the situation as someone would properly,” Chris said in the understatement of the century. He twisted the dagger even deeper by divulging that he loves and currently lives with the person he cheated on Johnie with.

The backbone? Nonexistent. The audacity? Mind-boggling.

But the cherry on top was his explanation of why he left Johnie in the dark. “One of my biggest faults that I continuously try to work through is telling people news they don’t want to hear,” Chris said. So let me get this straight: in an effort to not hurt his then-girlfriend’s feelings, he ghosted her, cheated on her, carried on his merry way with his new girlfriend, and thought the situation would magically solve itself. Got it. The backbone? Nonexistent. The audacity? Mind-boggling. The revelation had me yelling, “We were all rooting for you!” at my screen à la Tyra Banks in “America’s Next Top Model,” and I know I’m not the only one.

It’s no secret that “Love Is Blind” season five was a letdown compared to past installments, between the overly dissected Lydia-Uche-Aaliyah debacle, the engaged couples that were cut with no explanation, and the fact that only one pair tied the knot in the end — a pair with debatable compatibility, at that. Chris’s belated induction into the villains club is just another reason we’re ready to bid the season and its chaotic cast adieu without looking back.


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