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New “HSMTMTS” Clip Teases a Possible Zac Efron and Vanessa


Jul 26, 2023

Wylie, Julia Lester, and Frankie Rodriguez are coming back for the fourth season of “HSMTMTS,” as well as Bassett (although Olivia Rodrigo will not be returning for her role as Nini). Additionally, new cast members include Kylie Cantrall as a social media influencer named Dani, Matthew Sato as an actor named Mack, Caitlin Reilly as an indie film director named Quinn, and Vasthy Mompoint as Krystal, a choreographer.

There’s good news for fans of the original “High School Musical” movie franchise, too. Original cast members Bleu, Coleman, Grabeel, Stroh, Bart Johnson, and Alyson Reed will all return, Disney+ has confirmed, playing themselves and revisiting their beloved characters in the remake within the TV show.

Given that both Hudgens and Efron posted pictures of East High over the summer of 2022, fans are holding out hope to see the stars reprise their iconic roles as Gabriella and Troy, but as of now, it’s not clear if there will be a reunion for them anytime soon.

Will Vanessa Hudgens Be in “HSMTMTS” Season 4?

According to Hudgens, her nostalgic video in front of East High only happened because she was in town at the time. “My boyfriend was playing in Salt Lake — he’s a baseball player. So he was at the field and I had rented a car and I was like, ‘I want to go check it out and take some pictures for old time’s sake,'” she told Entertainment Weekly in October 2022.

So, unfortunately, it appears the actor’s Instagram video wasn’t teasing a return to “HSM,” but she isn’t ruling out the chance to star in “HSMTMTS” in the future. “We leave it up to fate. Leave it up to the gods,” she added. So a cameo from Hudgens could still happen!

Will Zac Efron Be in “HSMTMTS” Season 4?

Though Efron previously told Variety he’d be down to reprise his role as Troy in a fourth “HSM” movie, his participation in “HSMTMTS” season four has not been confirmed (yet).

On April 17, 2023, fans noticed that Efron had officially followed Hudgens on Instagram. While it’s unclear when Efron followed the “The Princess Switch” star exactly (and she hasn’t followed her ex back), this moment in social media history has renewed fan speculation that the former couple could return to their roles of Troy and Gabriella as versions of themselves in “HSMTMTS” season four.

But fans shouldn’t get their hopes too high. In a September 2022 interview with TVLine, “HSMTMTS” showrunner Tim Federle cleared up the rumors of Hudgens and Efron joining the series after their aforementioned East High posts on Instagram. “I’m going to chalk that up to being a remarkable coincidence,” Federle said, “but we’d love to get Zac and Vanessa and all of them back, so we’re actively working on that right now.”

Still, could the producers behind the series just be keeping the news of Efron and Hudgens’s appearances under lock and key to surprise fans like Disney often does with their other movies and TV shows? Only time will tell.


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