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14 Big Differences Between the Summer I Turned Pretty Books


Jul 18, 2023

After Jeremiah finds out they’re together, Belly feels guilty and tells Conrad they should cool things off. Eventually, phone calls at the start of the school year turn into a romantic getaway to Cousins where they drink hot cocoa, run on the beach when it starts to snow, and Belly loses her virginity to him. When Susannah’s health takes a turn for the worse, however, Conrad starts to grow distant, leading to their ultimate breakup on Belly’s prom night. Steven comforts her as Conrad drives away in the rain. When Belly and Jeremiah go to Conrad’s dorm at Brown University to find him, they run into his roommate, who recognizes Belly as the girl Conrad’s been pining over post-breakup. And when Belly spots the infinity necklace on his desk that she’d given back to him, she doesn’t take it.

Conrad and Belly’s relationship was still in flux by the end of the first book, so their eventual union is more of a surprise. They do sneak off to Cousins for the night like they do in the show, but all they do ultimately is kiss, and when Laurel finds out Belly snuck off, she grounds her but lets her be with Conrad. The events leading up to prom night shape up similarly, except Conrad is a lot more distracted in the books — he initially says no to going but later gets jealous when Belly lies that someone else wants to go with her. And with part of the book being in Jeremiah’s point of view, we see how torn up he is when he returns home and lies to Susannah about having a great time. However, when Belly and Jere go to campus in the book, Conrad’s roommate doesn’t recognize Belly, leaving her even more heartbroken. And while Belly on the show doesn’t take the infinity necklace, she does in the book.


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