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Singer divorces ‘devilishly handsome’ ghost of a Victorian soldier after


Jul 17, 2023

A singer who married what she claims was the ghost of a Victorian soldier has said they are divorced less than a year later.

The songwriter and performer, who goes only by the name Brocarde, said she first met “devilishly handsome” Edwardo when he “burst” into her bedroom “one dark and stormy night”.

The 40-year-old, from Oxfordshire, said long-haired Edwardo immediately announced his love for her and later began confiding in her.

Their spirited love affair hit the headlines when Brocarde announced they were to marry in a chapel on Halloween in 2022.

Brocarde posted a video of the ceremony on Instagram where she was seen wearing all black with an empty space where invisible Edwardo was said to have been standing.

However, shortly after they married, Brocarde said she was angry that her husband got too drunk on their honeymoon in Barry Island, Wales.

Brocarde added that Edwardo would become increasingly possessive and would switch between being “warm and intense” and threatening, Wales Online reports.

She said: “After our initial meeting Edwardo slowly revealed more about himself to me.

“I saw his images as a Victorian solider, he was always in his uniform, even on our wedding day, his face is devilishly handsome, shoulder length unruly hair, he looks lived in, well worn, troubled almost, there’s a pain attached to his being.”

The songwriter, poet and performer also said she tired of Edwardo’s “unsettling fascination” with Marilyn Monroe.

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Edwardo's attraction to Marilyn Monroe was a source of frustration for Brocarde. Pic: AP Image: Edwardo’s attraction to Marilyn Monroe was a source of frustration for Brocarde. Pic: AP

Brocarde claims the soldier’s crush on the late iconic Hollywood actress began on their wedding day when he spotted the spirit of Monroe in the chapel.

She claims the soldier would disappear for days before returning smelling of Chanel No.5 – the fragrance which had been Monroe’s favourite perfume.

The singer claims setting boundaries infuriated Edwardo and he allegedly started to haunt her with the sound of a screaming baby.

Brocarde says she returned to the chapel where they married in order to exorcise him from her mind.

She announced the split in her song Just Another Anthem.


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