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From “Bodies Bodies Bodies” to “Midsommar,” the Best A24 Horror


Apr 6, 2023

Over the last decade, A24 films have become synonymous with elevated storytelling that is dripping with symbolism. The studio prides itself on producing unique and exciting stories that make its audience think about the film on multiple levels to understand just how deep the movie’s message goes.

Some A24 films are completely off the wall, like 2014’s “Tusk,” which has been compared to a softer “The Human Centipede,” as it explores a podcaster slowly being fitted into a walrus costume made out of human parts. This film focuses almost entirely on the gross-out body horror that comes with the man’s forced transformation. Other offerings from the independent studio are far more conceptual, like 2022’s “Men,” which tells the story of a woman going on a holiday to help get away from the horrors of a recent tragedy. The longer the woman stays at her little isolated retreat, the more she sees the same man in different people, all haunting her. While the film is, at times, grotesque and confusing, it’s a metaphor for the endless cycle of toxic men being raised in the world.

While A24 has a wide variety of offerings, from simplistic and disgusting to highly conceptual, it’s not hard to argue that some of the best horror films of recent memory, like “Midsommar” and “Pearl,” have come out of the production company. Ahead is our ranking of the 10 best A24 horror movies.


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