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Venice: Tourists flip gondola after refusing to stop taking selfies


Dec 7, 2023

A group of tourists fell in a Venice canal when their gondola capsized after they reportedly ignored orders to stop taking selfies.

The gondolier shouted at them to sit down and stay still as he tried to manoeuvre under a bridge, according to local media.

But they apparently ignored him and all the weight ended up on one side, capsizing the boat and flipping them into the cold canal.

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The gondolier helped one to shore and then dived back in to rescue the others from Rio de la Verona, near La Fenice opera house.

Onlookers filmed Saturday’s spectacle and footage of the drenched tourists clinging to the boat went viral on sites like TikTok.

Social media account Venezia Non e Disneyland (Venice is not Disneyland) said the group were given a “warm place” to dry off. No one was hurt in the accident.

There are persistent complaints about over-tourism in the Italian city, with holidaymakers and cruise ship daytrippers packing Venice for most of the year.

It was revealed last week that a €5 daily charge will be introducedfrom next year for visitors on certain days between April and July.

In 2021, Venice also banned cruise ships from entering the historic centre amid concerns about pollution and erosion of the city’s foundations.


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