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Learner driver failed theory test 59 times before passing


Dec 4, 2023

A learner who failed their driving theory test 59 times before passing has been praised for their “amazing commitment”.

They spent about 60 hours and nearly £1,400 before finally making the grade at a centre in Redditch, Worcestershire.

The person’s identity remains private but their resolve to keep going was revealed in data obtained by AA Driving School.

Learners have to pass the test before they can book a practical test.

They must correctly answer 43 out of 50 multiple-choice questions. Then comes a hazard perception test of 14 video clips.

The data from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) covers the first half of this year.

It showed other learners also took dozens of tries – including someone who passed on their 58th go in Hull, 56th attempt in Guildford and 54th in Tunbridge Wells.

Learners who fail must wait three days before they can take the £23 test again. They also need to do it again if they don’t pass a practical within two years.

The pass rate for the theory test has fallen from 65% in the 2007/08 to 44% in 2022/23, according to the Department for Transport.

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“There’s no doubt it’s a tough test and these learners’ commitment to passing is amazing,” said AA Driving School managing director Camilla Benitz.

“Nerves can undoubtedly play a part, as well as making sure you understand what the test will involve before you get there,” she added.

“It’s quite easy to underestimate the theory test and assume that you’ll be able to pass without any effort at all but that’s not the case.”

Several people have previously been convicted of taking theory tests for others.

Inderjeet Kaur, from Llanelli, was sentenced to eight months in jail last year for fraudulently taking about 150 theory and practical tests.


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