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TikToker’s Prank on Blind Husband Stirs Controversy


Nov 30, 2023

The couple previously defended their long-running pranks, with Paul, who is blind, telling his partner he “never” wants him to stop pranking him.

A TikTok famous couple are facing scrutiny after a video of one man pranking his blind husband went viral.

Social media users took to X (n茅e Twitter) to share the clip, which sees Matthew, trick his husband Paul, who is blind, into believing he’s in the wrong apartment.

Matthew removes the carpet at the entry of their apartment, takes the key rack off the wall, moves a large plant near the door and even lights a candle, all in hopes of confusing Paul.

And it works, with Paul, who enters the apartment with his guide dog, Maple, seemingly confused after he calls out Matthew’s name and gets no response.

Paul even drops his keys after missing the key rack that’s no longer there before bumping into the newly moved plant. Even the adorable pup seems confused.

Paul proceeds to leave the apartment, but only for 30 seconds, realizing quickly that this is another one of Matthew’s many pranks.

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“Matthew! What did you do?” He yells out after re-entering the apartment. “Matthew. Where are you? Come out right now!”

Paul bursts out into laughter after realizing Matthew had “re-decorated” exclaiming that he thought he had walked into the wrong apartment again.

While the couple are all smiles and giggles, the comments section of the video on X, which got over 4.9 million views on TikTok, was not as upbeat, with many calling Matthew out for his “sinister” prank.

“this is so f—ed up???,” the social media user who re-posted the clip wrote.

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“You know what was the most sinister part?? THE CANDLEEEEEE. He said “gotcha nose too,” another added.

“Ehhhh, this isn’t really funny. Kind of a cruel joke,” another user wrote.

Others found it funny, with one commenter writing, “Unpopular opinion: Visually impaired people have a sense of humor too 馃 These 2 are just adorable. His partner wouldn’t do something that could harm him. People find it funny when someone who was asleep is tricked to be invisible so 馃し.”

Another wrote that there was no need for all the criticism the couple faced for posting the clip, adding, “Only on social media can you see a person literally throw their head back with laughter and still see people in the comments going ‘SEEMS EVIL AND CRUEL’ they are a couple who like each other and enjoy making each other laugh. No hot take necessary here.”

Prior to posting the apartment prank, the couple shared a video defending the many pranks Michael pulls on his husband. When asked if the pranks annoy him, Paul said “never.”

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He even said the laughter the two share as a result of these pranks and lighter moments gives him a “magical” feeling, telling Michael his fear has always been that his blindness would have a negative impact on his relationships, but with Michael, it’s the opposite.

“To see that you could have so much fun. My blindness actually enhanced the fun that you could have, and by virtue me,” Paul gushed. “Short answer is, please don’t ever stop pranking me.”

“I promise I never will. Deal,” Michael responds before taking a moment to prank Paul once more, as he pretends to put his hand out to shake on their new agreement.

“Deal,” Paul responds. “Is your hand out? Is it? he asks before hearing Michael laugh.

“Was it?” Paul asks. “No,” Michael says before the pair burst into a fit of laughter.

Check out more of the couple’s prank videos here.


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