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Cliff face shop in China’s Hunan province dubbed ‘inconvenient convenience


Nov 6, 2023

A tiny shop hanging from the side of a steep cliff face has been nicknamed the most “inconvenient convenience store” in China for supplying refreshments to climbers.

The wooden shed is 120m (394ft) above the ground in the Shiniuzhai National Geological Park in Hunan province.

The shop is said to be “unique” in its surrounding scenery and for the way it provides sustenance to passing climbers.

Workers are reported to replenish stock daily using ziplines, while only one member of staff is inside the store at any one time, according to Chinese media.

Shiniuzhai park’s general manager, Song Huizhou, said the journey up the cliff to the store takes about 90 minutes, reported China Daily.

Climbers can pick up a free bottle of water inside the box – but posts on social media have said the outlet would leave them “absolutely terrified”, adding its position was “beyond genius”.

One blogger on Chinese social network Weibo called it “the most inconvenient convenience store” in the country, reported CNN.

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The store is located on a mountain route which is peppered with metal anchors for climbers to fasten themselves to.

Shiniuzhai park is also the home to Haohan Qiao – the world’s longest glass suspension bridge.

The transparent structure opened in 2015 and is suspended over a steep crevasse, 180 metres above the ground.


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