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Why You May Recognize James Goldstein’s Mansion in “Selling Sunset”


Nov 3, 2023

“Selling Sunset” always delivers on drama and high-end properties, and season seven is no different. By now, viewers are used to seeing the cast of Oppenheim Group realtors show off lush California homes to their roster of rich clients, but this time, they got the unique opportunity to host a work event at an iconic Hollywood landmark — which you may recognize.

In episode two, Jason Oppenheim — president of the Oppenheim Group — introduces some of the cast to “one of the most iconic houses in the world” owned by successful businessman James Goldstein. Goldstein bought the Beverly Hills home — formally referred to as the Sheats-Goldstein Mansion — from Helen and Paul Sheats in 1972, and it’s been the film site of tons of TV shows and movies since then (one being Oppenheim’s favorite, “The Big Lebowski”). It was built by famed architect John Lautner between 1961 and 1963 and has become his most famous house ever designed. It’s still available for filming and photo shoots, per Image Locations.

The unique build and decor of the 4,500-square-foot mansion — from its frameless glass walls and built-in furniture to its thick foliage — is likely why you may have easily spotted it in “Selling Sunset.” It even has its own event space, making it the “world’s coolest and most exclusive nightclub,” per Forbes.

Many of our favorite stars can say they’ve filmed projects at the famous property at one point in time, as its credits go way over 30 years, starting with the 1988 movie “Midnight.” From classic films to newer onscreen offerings and even music videos, this house is legendary in more ways than one.

Scroll ahead to learn about 10 notable TV shows, movies, and music videos that have been filmed at the famous Goldstein house. And if you’re really curious, take a virtual tour of the property here, courtesy of Mr. Goldstein.


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