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Daughter Blocks 35-Year-Old Mom After She Drunkenly Jokes She’d F-k


Nov 3, 2023

From calling her daughter’s boyfriend “pretty boy” to getting “borderline wasted” things went from awkward to horrifying very quickly — and the internet had some unexpected thoughts

A 19-year-old female has taken to the internet to get some advice on how to deal with her 35-year-old mother.

In an anonymous post shared to Reddit, the young woman details a family Halloween party she took her 21-year-old boyfriend to. The night started off innocuous enough, with the couple going to the girl’s 28-year-old aunt’s annual spooky soiree — where everyone goes to dress up, “talk smack, smoke weed, and drink hard liquor.”

But things took a turn when her mother crossed a line while “borderline wasted.”

While the inappropriate flirtation, and the entire tale itself, is impossible to verify considering the anonymous forum, the Reddit community definitely had opinions about the jaw-dropping situation.

Read on for the full post and how Redditors reacted below.


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AITA for telling my mother that I f*cking hate her after she ‘joked’ that she would screw my BF when she was drunk?

“My (F19) boyfriend (M21) went to my aunt’s (F28) annual adult Halloween party on October 28th, which is basically for the attendees to dress up as whatever they want, talk smack, smoke weed, and drink hard liquor. I personally don’t like being under the influence of any sort of drug nor do I like how they make people behave, so I, as usual, stayed sober. I only went because my BF wanted to go.

“My mom (F35) doesn’t drink often because she knows how bad she is when she’s drunk, but she makes exceptions at certain events. She got borderline wasted at the party, and it led to her saying some nasty and explicit things about my BF. She kept addressing him as ‘pretty boy’, which was already flirtatious on its own from the tone she was talking in. It definitely bothered me, but I knew it was the alcohol talking and not my mother, so I let it slide until she said: ‘If you weren’t my daughter’s boyfriend, I’d f*ck you until dawn.’ That’s when I drew the line.

“I didn’t want to make a scene at the party, so my BF and I just left. I decided to confront her about it the next morning, and she passed it off as her just being drunk and said that it was only a joke. I became infuriated and we had a heated argument that ended with me telling her that I f*cking hated her. I blocked her on my contacts and all of my social media profiles when I got home, and that was the last time we talked to each other.



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How the Reddit Community Responded

While overwhelmingly the Reddit community was in full support of the OP, she went on to say in the comments that some of the private messages she was receiving were not so kind.

“Some of the PMs I’m getting are jus making me feel worse. Thanks guys,” she wrote.

However, as stated above, the majority of comments in the actual post were nothing but consoling and validating.

With some offering some empathy or at least perspective on how truly young her mother was when she had her as a teen — hypothesizing she did not have the ability to properly mature through that experience.

In response to one commenter the OP wrote: “I spent my earlier years living with my paternal grandmother until I turned 8, and then I moved in with my mom, even though she was never home. She spent most of her time partying and going out with her friends while I basically still lived with my grandma. She actually became involved with my half-siblings’ and I’s lives some years later. I was around 11 when she started being a decent mother.”

Among the many supportive comments, one Redditor warned the OP to stay far away from her mother, writing: “NTA. What your mother said about having sex with your boyfriend is absolutely horrendous, but the fact that she won’t take accountability for it or apologize is just unforgivable. She obviously feels no remorse. I wouldn’t be surprised if she actually ends up f–king him in the near future. That woman is no maternal figure. Maintain a good distance from her and keep an eye on your boyfriend.”


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