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Aliens in Wales? Likely cause of ‘bright flashes’ near Wrexham


Nov 3, 2023

Bright flashes of light which “lit up the whole room” left at least one person in North Wales thinking “aliens” might have landed.

Several residents in Ponciau, a village near Wrexham, said they witnessed three bright flashes of light on Monday evening.

People in several other nearby villages in North Wales had also witnessed the flashes.

Michelle Coe lives on the outskirts of Wrexham town centre.

She told Sky News she was sitting watching television when “three really bright flashes lit up the whole room”.

“It was quite creepy really when we looked back on the CCTV and how far and wide people saw this light and this flash,” she added.

Suggestions on social media on what might have caused the bright light included fireworks or an exploded pylon.

One person even suggested that aliens had landed.

Ms Coe said that she had briefly thought that herself with it being the eve of Halloween, but “on reflection we don’t know what it was”.

“It was definitely a bit strange, it was really an odd thing to happen,” she added.

Another local resident told Sky News he had noticed “a bright flash” and initially thought it may have been a lightning strike.

He then saw “two more very bright flashes” but he “could not see anything” out of the windows.

Some car alarms were set off, according to another social media user, and another said they “nearly spat [their] cup of tea”.

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A power company says the explanation is likely less interesting than the arrival of extraterrestrial life.

A spokesperson for Scottish Power said: “The circuit between the legacy local grid and Johnstown tripped on October 30, which may account for the flashes described.

“There were no customer interruptions and remedial work has been completed to ensure the continued resilience of our network.”


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