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“Priscilla” Left Us Wondering: Was Elvis Presley Really That Tall?


Nov 2, 2023

Sofia Coppola’s “Priscilla,” which focuses on Priscilla Presley’s life with Elvis Presley, is very accurate to Priscilla’s memoir on which its based. But watching the movie, which stars Cailee Spaeny as Priscilla and “Euphoria”‘s Jacob Elordi as Elvis, you might be a little jarred by the height difference between Elvis and Priscilla in the film. Elordi’s Elvis is really, really tall, especially compared to Spaeny’s Priscilla. In a way, their height difference works well with the themes of the film, which is about, in part, how young Priscilla was when they first met (just 14 to Elvis’s 24) and how out of her depth she was living in Elvis’s world as a teenager.

So we did some investigation. Ahead, we’re breaking down Elvis and Priscilla’s real height difference, Elordi and Speaney’s, and — just for fun — the height difference of the stars of 2022’s “Elvis.”

How Tall Was Elvis Presley?

Elvis was six feet tall. Since he often wore heeled boots on stage and in public, he often seemed taller than that in public appearances.

How Tall Is Priscilla Presley Compared to Elvis?

Priscilla is five feet, four inches tall. That makes her and Elvis’s height difference six inches. Priscilla notes in her memoir “Elvis & Me” that Elvis loved baby talk and used nicknames like “Cilla” and “Little One” for her all the time. He also didn’t like when she wore patterns or certain colors because he thought they overwhelmed her frame.

How Tall Is Jacob Elordi Compared to Elvis?

Elordi is six feet, five inches. That makes him five inches taller than Elvis (and that’s before he puts on those heeled shoes). And Spaeney’s height is five foot one, three inches shorter than Priscilla. So in “Priscilla,” their height difference of 14 inches is a lot larger than Elvis and Priscilla’s actual one.

Elordi actually joked about their massive height difference in a September interview with W magazine. “I’m excellent at finding ways to lean,” he said of filming scenes with Spaeney. “It’s a skill I’ve perfected throughout my career. I’m always leaning.”

How Tall Is Austin Butler Compared to Elvis?

Like Elvis, Butler is six feet tall. And Olivia DeJonge is five foot, three inches, making their seven-inch height difference closer to Elvis and Priscilla’s actual one. And as a sweet nod to Elvis’s footwear of choice, Butler wore heeled boots to the Oscars this spring, per Harper’s Bazaar.


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