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Is There Anything More Wholesome Than the “Golden Bachelor” Cast


Nov 1, 2023

In a franchise full of villains, “wrong reasons,” and clout chasing, “The Golden Bachelor” is proving to be a palate cleanser for Bachelor Nation. For the last few weeks, fans have watched 72-year-old sweetheart Gerry Turner get to know 22 women on a deeper level: he learned about the losses they’ve suffered, bonded over common interests, and reminded viewers that it’s never too late to find love. The debut season is different than the rest of the franchise for many reasons, most noticeably because of the genuine friendships formed among the women. Instead of facades and jealousy among the ladies, we’ve see compassion and support despite their competing for the same man. They honestly want happiness for Gerry and one another, and that’s so special.

Of course, the purpose of the show is to find a life partner, and only one woman will end up engaged to Gerry, but we have to admire the way the cast have united while filming. They say, “Love you!” to each other after being eliminated in rose ceremonies. The group dates are drama-free, and when one of the contestants has alone time with Gerry, there’s no trash-talking or “Can I steal you for a minute?” interruptions. They even do each other’s hair for dates! It’s obvious how much these women respect and value each other.

The cast prove to viewers that it’s never too late not only to find a romantic partner, but also to form lasting friendships. Prior to “The Golden Bachelor,” we couldn’t fathom a situation in which contestants would be truly happy for the person chosen for a one-on-one date. In fact, during a recent one-on-one, the remaining ladies in the mansion did a water aerobics routine while Leslie sang “Hava Nagila” to Ellen, Susan, and Theresa in the pool.

The sweet bond these women have formed shows that “The Golden Bachelor” isn’t just another dating show or notch in the franchise’s anthology. It’s much deeper, and that’s all thanks to Gerry and the contestants. Ahead, see social media photos of the beloved cast hanging out together.


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