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‘Escape artist’ tortoise reunited with owner after three years on


Oct 24, 2023

A runaway tortoise that went missing more than three years ago has been found and reunited with her owner.

The African Sulcata tortoise, native to the southern part of the Sahara desert, was spotted plodding around the town of Interlachen in Florida.

She was seen trying to cross a state road – equivalent to a dual carriageway.

The officers described the tortoise as “unusual” and were initially unaware of its sex.

Florida’s Wildest Animal Refuge took her into their care, and launched an appeal to find her rightful owner.

Authorities were sure she belonged to someone as she “liked people and head pats”.

When someone did claim the tortoise, they told the police department she had gone missing since June 2020.

Missing tortoise reunited. Pic: Florida’s Wildest Animal Rescue/Facebook Image: Pic: Florida’s Wildest Animal Rescue/Facebook

She was found about five miles from where she went missing – but police said she was in “a little rough shape” after enduring a few harsh winters.

Rescuers described her as a true “escape artist” as the species are renowned for digging out of their enclosures.


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