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6 Times Bad Bunny Made a Powerful Statement With His


Oct 20, 2023

Bad Bunny may be a global superstar, but he’s also a pioneer for breaking cultural stereotypes that are often engrained in Latine culture. In addition to publicly speaking out about important causes, such as homophobia, domestic violence, and machismo, the 29-year-old artist often uses his videos to make powerful statements about said topics. Most notably, he challenged gender roles by dressing in drag in the video for his female-empowerment anthem “Yo Perreo Sola.”

When asked by Time in March 2023 why he thinks his music has such an effect on people, Bad Bunny said, “The manner in which I do music is a way that’s so real. I give so much love to the music. I always say that my mom gave so much love to me since I was kid, that’s why I have so much to give to the world and los demás (the rest). I think that my songs are the same. I give so much love to my songs that it doesn’t run out. That energy every time you listen to my song it’ll give you so much alegria (joy). I don’t do songs just to do them. When I have a song to release I will release it.”

In honor of his latest album “nadie sabe lo que vas a pasar mañana” and his “Saturday Night Live” hosting debut this weekend, take a look at Bad Bunny’s most powerful music videos ahead.


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