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Which “Love Is Blind” Season 5 Couples Are Still Together?


Oct 16, 2023

Relationship status: Broken up (for now)

Izzy and Stacy were another couple who got off to a rocky start since they, too, found themselves in a weird love triangle. Initially, Izzy and Johnie hit it off in the pods, though the former also struck up a connection with Stacy (and Lydia, briefly). Both romances continued until Izzy broke things off with Johnie — who also connected with Chris — in episode three to pursue Stacy, whom he popped the question to in the following episode. Things went smoothly on Izzy and Stacy’s romantic trip and back home in Houston, though they had their fair share of spats about things like Izzy’s finances and Stacy’s lifestyle. Then came more drama.

When the pod squad reunited in episode seven, Johnie and Izzy sat down to clear the air, during which the latter said he heard a lot of “sketchy sh*t” about her. He accused her of, basically, running game on him and other guys in the pods, specifically Chris, saying, “The things that you were telling me, I wasn’t the only guy you were telling.” Prior to that argument, Stacy also stated that she had an issue with Johnie, and the two later got into it.

Izzy and Stacy also had another argument and still had some differences to work out, so it comes as no surprise that the two did not get married on their wedding day. At the altar, Izzy said yes to Stacy, but she said the timing didn’t feel right. “I do want you, and I wanna say yes, but I would be doing you and I a disservice right now to say that ‘I do’ when I feel like there’s a lot things we need — and more than anything, we need time,” she explained. Izzy said he understood and that he loved Stacy.

Though the two shared a kiss and seemed to be on good terms, they couldn’t agree on how to move forward. “We’re at different spots, it really breaks my heart,” he told Stacy. “I love you, I did want to marry you, a timeline didn’t matter for me. But that’s just me. When is ever gonna be the right time? That’s what I’m gonna wonder with you. I just want to be loved the way that I love. Bottom line, I deserve that.” Stacy later said in a confessional that she didn’t have “100 percent certainty” in their relationship, which is why she couldn’t marry Izzy at that time.

It’s unclear if the two broke up for good or tried to pursue their relationship again after the show, but the season five reunion will soon answer those questions.


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