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Love Is Definitely in the Air With These 75 Love


Oct 15, 2023

Sometimes it can be difficult to express exactly how you feel about someone with your words alone, and that’s where love songs come into play. Nothing says I love you more than a playlist full of the most romantic tracks by your partner’s favorite artists. Or if you’re old school, you’ll find a way to burn a specially-curated CD of their favorite love songs. Needless to say, there are plenty of creative ways to show how much you care for your significant other with some assistance from the best songs about love.

Whether you’re in the falling in love stage, have a romance that’s just starting to heat up, or you’ve been with your soulmate for longer than you can remember, listening to these love songs ahead will surely make your heart swoon.

Keep scrolling to find all the best love songs we could muster up — by everyone from Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey to Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift — and see if you’re convinced that true love is real.


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