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40 Best Sister Costume Ideas For Halloween


Oct 9, 2023

Best friend and couples Halloween costumes are great, but who better to accompany you on the year’s spookiest night than your own flesh and blood? OK, you don’t necessarily need a sister to dress in these fantastic pop culture looks, but you might want to grab a buddy to pull off these sister costumes.

If you want to go with a literal sister look-alike costume for Halloween this year, you’ll find great inspiration from classics like “Sister, Sister” — which stars real-life twins Tia and Tamera Mowry — and “The Parent Trap,” where Lindsay Lohan pulls double-duty as Hallie and Annie. Or perhaps you love sister witches: in that case, you should look to “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” or the “Hocus Pocus” movies to find the best sister costume ideas. Or maybe you and your bestie just want matching outfits so you go as multiple versions of Beyoncé from her “Lemonade” era.

Whichever sister Halloween costumes you’re in search of this year, you’re sure to find the perfect look up here. We’ve compiled some of the most creative, iconic sister characters from popular movies and TV shows for this list. Want to go old-school with “The Brady Bunch”? How about medieval for some “Game of Thrones” looks? Whatever your jam, we’ve got your ideal Halloween costumes for sisters up ahead.


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