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12 of the Biggest Revelations in David Beckham’s Netflix Docuseries


Oct 6, 2023

In April 2004, while David was in Spain and Victoria was still residing in London, news broke that David had allegedly had an affair with his assistant, Rebecca Loos. The allegations were denied, but it rocked their marriage. “It was the first time that me and Victoria had been put under that kind of pressure in our marriage,” David says.

Both visibly emotional talking of the toll this took on their family, Victoria explains: “It was the hardest period for us because it felt like the world was against us, and here’s the thing, we were against each other, if I’m being completely honest. Up until Madrid, sometimes it felt like us against everybody else, but we were together, we were connected, we had each other. But when we were in Spain, it didn’t really feel like we had each other either, and that’s sad.”

While the press interest in them grew even further, they were followed by paparazzi as more stories broke of there being cracks in their relationship. “I can’t even begin to tell you how hard it was and how it affected me,” Victoria says. David explains they were drowning as a couple.

So how did they survive the turmoil? “I don’t know how we got through it, in all honesty. Victoria is everything to me, to see her hurt was incredibly difficult, but we’re fighters, and at that time, we needed to fight for each other. We needed to fight for our family, and what we had was worth fighting for,” David adds. Before closing the chapter, he declares, “Ultimately, it’s our private life.”


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