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Hardin Returns to His Dangerous Old Habits in Exclusive “After


Oct 2, 2023

Hero Fiennes Tiffin is having a serious case of writer’s block. In an exclusive scene from “After Everything,” his character, Hardin, is pressured by his publisher to release his second book after receiving a sizable cash advance.

“You have a tiny window of relevance and it’s dwindling every day,” the publisher tells him, to which Hardin quips, “Can’t rush greatness, can you?”

“I can when I’ve given you a quarter-million dollar advance,” she responds.

“After Everything” is the fifth and final installment in the After franchise. Directed by Castille Landon, the film finds Hardin and Tessa (Josephine Langford) living separate lives following the release of Hardin’s revealing book, which Tessa knew nothing about. As a result, Hardin returns to his old ways, drinking and engaging in other harmful habits.

“I thought you were sober?” Hardin’s publisher asks him in the clip.

“I was,” he responds, before lifting up his drink and cheers-ing with her.

But despite what the scene may imply, Hardin is determined to make things right and win Tessa back. So, in an effort to not give in to his demons, Hardin travels to Portugal to visit Natalie (Mimi Keene), a woman he once wronged. Through his reunion with Natalie, Hardin is finally able to move on and forgive himself.

Back in the United States, Landon (Chance Perdomo) and Nora (Kiana Madeira) are getting ready for their upcoming wedding, which Hardin and Tessa are both set to attend. Will Hardin and Tessa finally be able to live out their happily ever after? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

“After Everything” will be available on demand on Oct. 3. You can pre-order the movie on Apple today.


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