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10 Horror-Comedies on Netflix For When You Want to Laugh


Aug 6, 2023

We’re huge horror-movie fans around here, but a full-throated, gory horror film might not be everyone’s cup of tea. That’s why we’re also big fans of horror comedies, which mix scary moments with jokes that can keep things from getting too grisly. If you’re a horror-film newbie, a bit of a scaredy cat, or just looking for something that manages to keep a light tone amid all the terror, these 10 horror-comedy movies streaming on Netflix right now are exactly what you’re looking for.

These funny horror films include some absolute classics of the 21st century, like “Zombieland” and “This Is the End.” There are also quite a few Netflix original films that fit the bill, too, keeping things scary and silly in equal measure. There are hidden gems, cult classics, and even one horror rom-com that manages to squeeze some true romance out of the zombie apocalypse. Whatever your horror-movie plans, one of these movies might perfectly satisfy your cravings.

Ahead, these are 10 great horror-comedy movies now streaming on Netflix.

Additional reporting by Lauren Harano and Victoria Edel


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