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3 of the Original “Zoey 101” Cast Members Aren’t in


Aug 1, 2023

Paramount+’s highly-anticipated “Zoey 101” spinoff film, “Zoey 102,” hit the streamer on July 27, and it features most of the original show’s cast, including Jamie Lynn Spears. The new movie’s plot sees Zoey confront the state of her life (and love) as an adult when she reunites with her Pacific Coast Academy crew at her friends Quinn and Logan’s over-the-top wedding.

However, three of the show’s main characters are noticeably missing from the reunion festivities. Victoria Justice, who played Zoey’s friend Lola; Alexa Nikolas, who played Nicole Bristow for the first two seasons; and Paul Butcher, who portrayed Zoey’s little brother, Dustin Brooks. The three original series staples will not be seen in the film for their own reasons.

Find out everything we know about why Victoria Justice, Alexa Nikolas, and Paul Butcher aren’t in “Zoey 102.”

Why Isn’t Victoria Justice in “Zoey 102”?


Regarding Justice’s decision not to return in the reboot as Lola, scheduling was the issue. In a March interview with Pop Culture Planet, the “The Tutor” actress explained, “I had a lot going on at the moment, to be honest, and timing-wise it was just hard to make it all work.”

Justice clarified that there’s no bad blood between her and anyone involved with the show. “It was not because of a lack of love for the cast and for that show. I am so grateful people to that whole time in my life and for being on that show,” she said. “‘Zoey 101’ is what put me on the map in that whole world and I had the best time making it. I love that cast so much, each of them. They all hold a very special place in my heart.”

“I really wish I could have been there, to be honest,” she added. “I’m sad that I missed out on it because I really do love each of them, but I’m sure the film looks amazing. I was in contact with all of them and talking to Jamie a lot, so I know the movie’s gonna be awesome. I’m rooting for them so hard. I can’t wait to see it.”

Despite not being in “Zoey 102,” Justice still took the time to reunite with Spears and Sanders at Paramount+’s Zoey 102 cocktail party on June 22 (above).

Why Isn’t Alexa Nikolas in “Zoey 102”?


Alexa Nikolas has long been open about her negative experiences filming “Zoey 101,” including claims she experienced bullying from her fellow cast members. She’s also shared that she felt unsafe around the series creator, Dan Schneider. She has voiced her concerns about Nickelodeon’s role in allowing these incidents to happen and has also criticized Schneider for his alleged inappropriate conduct toward underage actors.

In 2022, Nikolas went on fellow former child star Christy Carlson Romano’s podcast, “Vulnerable,” where she opened up about her Nickelodeon trauma first-hand, claiming Schneider sat in on her wardrobe fittings, pushed for more revealing clothing and sometimes took Polaroid pictures of her. “Whenever I had wardrobe fittings, [Schneider] always had to be in them,” Nikolas said. “Thank God there was a curtain, but he was literally sitting on a chair right outside of the curtain.”

Nikolas weighed in on “Zoey 102” after it was announced in January 2023, tweeting, “Take note of people in this industry that do not advocate publicly nor privately to create safer environments by even simply supporting individuals close to them that have bravely come forward. Birds of a feather. Flock together.” She added, “Do NOT support a network that can’t even take accountability especially when it comes to CHILDREN. That is beyond low.”

Nikolas will soon share more about her feelings regarding “Zoey 102”: On June 21, Nikolas posted an old photo with Spears from filming “Zoey 101” on Instagram, captioning it, “Wanna know what I really think about Zoey 102? NEW episode on YouTube launching JULY 27th. Link to SUBSCRIBE to my channel is in my BIO and for the wonderful Instagram subscribers you will get a little something extra… this will be good. Are you ready?” The episode has not been posted on her channel at the time of publication.

These life experiences led Nikolas to her true purpose when she launched Eat Predators, an organization that aims to expose child predators in the entertainment industry.

Why Isn’t Paul Butcher in “Zoey 102”?

Butcher conveyed via social media that he had no desire to participate in the “Zoey 101” revival with very few words. In a short TikTok video posted on Jan. 3, Butcher used a filter to superimpose his eyes and lips over a photo of Earth and said, “I mean, what if we don’t want a ‘Zoey 101’ reboot anymore?” Butcher then commented on the post, writing, “Read the room.” He continued to like additional comments from followers, including one that said, “No one wants this.”

Despite his ill feelings toward the reboot, Butcher still seems close with some of the original “Zoey 101” cast, having posted an Instagram photo (above) of himself reuniting with Justice on July 15.


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