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12 of the Best Halloween Movies On Hulu, From “Beetlejuice”


Jul 31, 2023

Hulu has some of the best Halloween movies you’ll find online. In fact, the platform prides itself so much on its spooky collection that it even launched a “Huluween” page full of the scariest movies and TV series in its current rotation. To help users decide what to watch, the page includes subcategories that range from action horror and horror comedies to supernatural thrillers and creepy sci-fi flicks. It even divides its content up depending on whether something is considered “scary,” “very scary,” or “very very scary.” With this in mind, Hulu has something for everyone this Halloween season.

While some of the films on Hulu include classics like “Beetlejuice” and “Alien,” it also has newer movies like “Escape Room” and “Haunt.” Of course, the streaming service also has plenty of originals that aren’t available anywhere else online, making the platform your ultimate Halloween destination. So, what should you watch first? Ahead, you’ll find 12 of the best Halloween movies on Hulu.


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