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90+ Halloween Costume Ideas For Groups From Movies and TV


Jul 30, 2023

The Belcher family offers plenty of inspiration for any Halloween costumes for groups.

For Louise’s signature look, wear a green t-shirt dress, black Mary Jane shoes, and her iconic pink bunny-eared hat. Linda’s outfits requires a red, long-sleeve shirt with a pair of blue jeans and some red glasses. Don’t forget a black wig with your ends curled out! As many know, Tina always sports a light blue t-shirt over a denim skirt, knee socks and black sneakers, and a pair of thick-rimmed glasses. You’ll also need a black wig for this one, too, as well as a yellow barrette. Meanwhile, a Gene costume needs yellow t-shirt with blue shorts, a black wig, white socks, and red sneakers. Carry around a keyboard, too. And finally, for Bob, you’ll complete his look once you’ve got a mustache, pair a white, grease-stained t-shirt with gray pants, black shoes, and a white apron.


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