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Go Back to High School With These Romantic Teen Movies


Jul 28, 2023

Teen romance movies are a major film staple, and there are plenty of them in existence. I mean, who doesn’t feel a little sappy watching young, hopeful characters struggling to figure out love for the first time? The good news is, Netflix is home to a plethora of teenage romance movies that are packed with lots of humor, good-looking casts, and swoon-worthy plots; and though their library of originals definitely has some instant modern classics, there’s more to watch than just the newest Netflix titles. Plus, the streamer is home to quite a few film-length adaptations of our favorite romance novels.

From buzzy new movies to old-school classics, ensemble comedies to LGBTQ+ flicks, heartwarming franchises, and more, there’s something for everyone on the streamer. Whether you’re hosting a movie night for you and your roommates, guilting your partner into indulging in one of your favorite teen rom-coms, or simply looking for a good movie to snuggle up with alone, these selections of theatrical young love are just the thing you need to add to your queue.

Ahead, check out the best romance movies for teens you can stream on Netflix right now.

Additional reporting by Lauren Harano, Alexis Stackhouse, Naomi Parris, and Njera Perkins


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