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The “Daisy Jones & the Six” TV Show Includes a


Mar 14, 2023

Fans of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s “Daisy Jones & the Six” — the bestselling, blockbuster novel that was released in 2019 — are definitely excited for the new miniseries based on the story, coming to Prime Video on Friday. But perhaps even more exciting is the fact that the show’s creators also made a real album, titled “Aurora,” for the band. For fans of the novel, it’s been a long time coming; let’s explain.

In “Daisy Jones & the Six,” the fictional, titular band create their own ’70s masterpiece album, “Aurora.” But then they split up and never record together again. The book is a fake oral history of how the band formed and, ultimately, fell apart so spectacularly at the height of their success. But there’s one thing that’s slightly annoying about the book: the songs they spend so much time talking about aren’t real!

Reid includes a list of the songs and their lyrics at the back of the book, and she put together a playlist of songs that inspired the novel (not surprisingly, it includes a lot of Fleetwood Mac), but there’s no way to actually listen to the music — until now.

“Aurora” is officially available to stream now, as of March 2, on Spotify, with music actually sung by the show’s cast. “‘Aurora’ exists and it is a stunning, nostalgic, timeless album. Daisy Jones & The Six are real and they are better than my wildest dreams,” Reid said in a recording posted to the band’s Spotify page. The first song, “Regret Me,” was released alongside the show’s teaser trailer on Jan. 25. The second song, “Look at Us Now (Honeycomb),” then arrived with the full trailer on Feb. 15.

However, there’s a pretty big caveat. The songs for the show are not the same ones Reid wrote, even the handful that have the same titles, like “Regret Me.” Reid laughed at the notion that she was a real songwriter in a 2021 interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “Can I tell you, when they went and hired a real music team to do this, I was just floored that they were going to use some of my song titles? I was like, ‘Oh, there’s going to be a song called something I called the song?'” When it comes to songwriting, she said, “I’m way out of my league.” She added you need somebody great to write real, great music, and the team behind the show did just that.

Atlantic Records said in a statement that the album’s production was helmed by Blake Mills, a Grammy-winning songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. Phoebe Bridgers, Marcus Mumford, and Jackson Browne all have cowriting credits on it.

Ahead, here’s everything we know about “Aurora,” including how it compares to the book version of the album.

“Aurora” by Daisy Jones & the Six Release Date

“Aurora” was released on March 2, the day before the series premieres on March 3.

Daisy Jones & the Six “Aurora” Tracklist in the Novel

“Chasing the Night”
“This Could Get Ugly”
“Impossible Woman”
“Turn It Off”
“Young Stars”
“Regret Me”
“A Hope Like You”

Daisy Jones & the Six “Aurora” Tracklist in the TV Show

“Let Me Down Easy”
“Kill You to Try”
“Two Against Three”
“Look at Us Now (Honeycomb)”
“Regret Me”
“You Were Gone”
“More Fun to Miss”
“The River”
“No Words”


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