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Revisit These Thirst-Worthy Photos of Jonathan Majors and Michael B


Mar 10, 2023

“Creed III” arrived in theaters March 3, but the boxing movie starring Jonathan Majors and Michael B. Jordan already started to light the internet on fire last March. That’s when photos of the duo filming the third installment of Jordan’s boxing franchise in Venice Beach on March 29 went viral, and the leaked images inspired a lot of thirst for the movie’s stars online.

In the photos, we see a very toned Majors training on the beach — climbing up ropes, hanging from a pull-up bar, and sprinting in the sand — as he chats with Jordan. Per his Nov. 2022 cover story with Men’s Health, Majors (who isn’t on social media) revealed his mother and publicist were the ones to finally inform him of the photos in the wake of him receiving online thirst messages. “Now I kind of step away from that part,” he told the outlet. “There’s nothing wrong with that. I embrace it. . . . I think that’s part of being sexy.” The actor also said that he’s “not conscious” of the attention he gets for his good looks. “My brother was the pretty boy,” he added. “I was never the cute boy growing up. I was just J.”

In the new movie, which Jordan directed, Jordan’s Adonis “Donnie” Creed faces off against Major’s Damien “Dame” Anderson. The duo were childhood friends, but while Donnie was rising to the top of the boxing world, Dame was incarcerated. When the movie starts, Dame hopes for Donnie to give him the boxing shot he’s always wanted. Like all movies in the “Rocky” franchise, it features some very dramatic (and fun) training montages, which were partially immortalized in these set photos.

Gawk over the photos of Majors and Jordan filming “Creed III” ahead.


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