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ICYMI February 2023 #27 – Imgur’s Birthday, 1k DK Dumps,


Mar 4, 2023

Welcome back for another edition of In Case You Missed It, our monthly retrospective look into the happenings in the Imgur community. We’ll cover community events, heartwarming stories, unique creations, and updates from the folks here at HQ. Let’s get started!

*Imgur 14*

In the past fourteen years, Imgur has grown from a simple image sharer to a melting pot of personalities and a hub for creatives to express themselves. From food drives and friends unafraid to be vulnerable, to brightening days with the best meme dumps around; Imgurians look out for each other.

We tasked the community with sharing your 14th favorite or anything that represents you or reminds you of a special moment. We are happy to report that the community delivered in droves, with thousands of posts shared to the tag in a matter of days. Thank you for an amazing fourteen years!

Take a trip down memory lane on the #imgur14 tag.

*Never Give Up*

It can be hard to ask for help for a myriad of reasons. Imgur is a place people feel comfortable being vulnerable, and Imgurian jacobofthetacos had the courage to ask the community for help. Initially they only requested information, but with Imgurians being who they are, an unexpecting outpouring of support would follow.

After a tough start to the year, this was the second wind they needed to get back on their feet. They said this is the most motivated they’ve been in years. When everything was said and done, there was enough donated to cover months of food. Great work, Imgur!

Read the full update here.

*Mug Monday*

(Featured: CanuckleheadChick, Yarnayr, LoadBringer, TheOnceAndFutureDoug, AConcerned3rdParty, SolidSketch12, TheCaffeinatedCorpse, mwilliams77)

Sometimes you find fun where you least expect it. Mug Monday is a prime example of that. What we intended to be a small-scale event with a few cool mugs would far exceed our expectations. Thousands of Imgurians shared their favorites with pride, and a few million more visited the tag to appreciate them. From temperature-activated mugs that change colors to cat ear cups and everything in between, mugs are more than a drink container; they are extensions of ourselves.

Stop by #mugs to see what you missed!

*1k DK Dumps*

On Feb 28, 2020, Imgurian DeafKitten would submit a post titled “A good ol fashioned dump of acceptable stolen memes 1.”

Jump forward three years, and one became one thousand. What started as a fun way to pass the time would grow into a phenomenon many followed with great interest. Let’s break down some stats on this monumentous moment.

Across 1000 posts:

– 903 in most viral
– 43,710 images
– 713,704,002 total views
First Dump: https://imgur.com/gallery/DEIqlRH
Highest Scoring Dump: https://imgur.com/gallery/mN1gn7J

With a Most Viral rate of 90%, DK’s consistency is mindblowing. And they’re showing no signs of slowing. The series of posts has continued, and is currently at #1011. Will DK make it to 2k? Only time will tell.

Congratulations, legend.

Since their first post, Imgurian FunkyGeraldine has been hard at work helping to provide handmade winter hats for those in need. Earlier this month, they notified the community that, in large part due to our donations, 80 hats had been completed. With an initial goal of just £80, the goal was smashed by nearly 5x. What wasn’t spent on hats went directly to the foodbank to help those struggling with the cost of living crisis in their area.

Find more info here if you’d like to help out.

*Thank You Imgur*

Some people can’t witness an injustice and do nothing. Imgurian @retailmemedrone is one of those people. When one of his employees was berating a homeless man for no reason, he fired that employee and hired the man he was mistreating. As the man’s new employer, he was unable to provide the level of support he wanted ethically. Enter Imgur.

After several Imgurians contacted him asking how they could help, he put them in contact with his employee as a way to get around the red tape. Fast forward a few days, and his employee asked for time off to get started in his new apartment! With our help, he was able to furnish it too. They held a surprise housewarming party for him, and it was all smiles. Way to make an impact, Imgurians!

Read the latest update here.

*National Pizza Day*

Every year we celebrate National Pizza Day, and this year was no different. Well, there was one difference. In 2023, we decided to award trophies to all participants in this day of cheesy celebration. Hundreds of trophies were awarded to these ambassadors of gooey goodness, and millions more basked in the warm glow of this favorite food, making for the most rewarding Pizza Day so far.

Visit #pizza for more pizza. We know you want to.

*Optimus Prime Cosplay*

It’s no secret that Imgur is home to the internet’s most amazing artists and cosplayers. Original versions of our favorite characters are a daily sight around these parts. What you don’t see every day are peeks behind the curtain at the creative process.

Imgurian rectalpossum did exactly that with a 50 image post showcasing every part of the design from start to finish. This project took months of work, and it shows in the quality craftsmanship. The community agreed, with hundreds of Imgurians commenting congratulations and props for creating something so cool.

Check out the full build process here.

*Help Me Imgur *

At times there’s nothing wrong with a healthy dose of cynic humor. Imgurian Kilo11 made a silly post making light of confession bear style submissions receiving a large number of upvotes without question. Fully expecting the post to go unnoticed, to their surprise, it was one of the most popular posts of that day, and their top-voted post, ever.

In this post, they were upfront about farming upvotes, with their ask being for only 5. It ended up amassing over 4,000 upvotes and 25 accolades. It seems we can all use a good tongue-in-cheek funny every once in a while.

Show your support and lend an upvote here.

*Bugs & Fixes Update*

You’ve made it to the end! Before you go, we’ll go over the currently known bugs on Imgur, and share updates on bug fixes we’ve made.

Known Issues
– Android: We’re aware of an issue on Android with some favorited posts not showing up correctly in Favorites. This is a cosmetic issue, all favorited posts are still visible on Desktop/iOS and on Android when creating favorites folders.

New in Android v6.4.0
– Fixed a bug causing engagement bars to display for incorrect posts – this was causing users to believe they had already upvoted content when they had not
– Added some additional timeout protections to limit instances of posts appearing to be 52+ years old
– Patched a profile error causing bio updates and appreciation links not being saved correctly
– Support for old versions will be ending soon – please be sure to update! Learn more.

New in iOS 2023.04.0
– Fixed a bug with certain ad units rendering incorrectly on devices in landscape view – Fixed a repeating crash with memegen templates
– Fixed a bug causing audio prompts to not display appropriately when creating new posts
– Patched a navigation issue causing some posts to not load when tapped into from a browser
– Fixed an issue where a post’s tags would not be visible if navigating deep into a comment thread
– Support for old versions will be ending soon – please be sure to update! Learn more.

– Fixed an issue where Waterfall gallery display would not appear correctly when viewing “All” submissions
– Fixed an issue where “Hidden” posts were displaying to the uploader as public posts with 0 points. This was only visible to the signed-in account.
– Updated Emerald sections to reflect Coil’s closure and alternative Emerald sign-up options for Android/iOS

A comprehensive list of known issues can be found on our help site.

If you ever experience something that doesn’t seem right, be it a bad ad or a bug, you can contact us here.

Imgurians who report new bugs will earn the Bug Hunter and also receive a free month of Imgur Emerald!


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