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Meet John Pearce, the Wiggle Fueling Everyone’s Thirst on TikTok


Mar 3, 2023

The only thing more “yummy yummy” than the Wiggles’ fruit salad is John Pearce, the latest addition to the children’s entertainment group. A native Australian, Pearce joined The Wiggles in 2021 and has since become an internet sensation because, frankly put, he’s quite the looker. With tattoo sleeves, ear piercings, and biceps that are noticeable even when he’s in full costume, Pearce isn’t your average Wiggle, and that’s earned him quite the fan base.

Pearce has become especially popular on TikTok among parents and nonparents alike in recent months, raking in millions of views on his creative videos. He mostly posts slick dance routines and outfit transitions featuring his purple Wiggles getup, but also shares behind-the-scenes content featuring fellow members. Like clockwork, the thirsty comments roll in, ranging from funny quips like “Move over Magic Mike” to honest revelations like “I dont even have a kid, and I think I’m gonna start watching the wiggles.” To the latter, we must say: hard same.

“All I can do is be myself and have fun.”

Pearce takes his new “sex symbol” status in stride. “I actually find it quite hilarious, but I guess it’s flattering,” he tells POPSUGAR. “At the end of the day, my intention was not to gain the attention I did; all I can do is be myself and have fun.” Jessie, his wife of four years, couldn’t be more supportive amid all the buzz. “She actually finds it all quite funny,” he says. “She is the best and is the reason I am actually doing what I love today.”

Before joining The Wiggles, Pearce was one of six members of the music and dance group Justice Crew, which won “Australia’s Got Talent” in 2010. Afterward, they went on to earn eight ARIA Music Award nominations and tour with artists like One Direction, Janet Jackson, and Pitbull. Since then, Pearce became a certified personal trainer and is currently pursuing a degree in nutrition.

Newfound fans of The Wiggles, you’re in luck, because the group is touring the US in September, marking Pearce’s first time performing live on stage in the States. Tickets have yet to go on sale, but we’re predicting a speedy sellout, thanks in part to Pearce’s internet stardom. In the meantime, catch up on his best social media posts to date, and follow your new crush on TikTok (@johnadamopearce), his personal Instagram (@johnpearce), and his work-specific Instagram (@john_wiggle) for more.


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