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Olivia Colman Played the Ultimate Prank on Paul Rudd During


Mar 1, 2023

Paul Rudd is on the “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” press tour in the UK, and while he’s known for conducting the odd prank or two himself throughout his career, he got a taste of his own medicine live on BBC Radio 1 on Feb. 17. The Marvel actor appeared on the Greg James breakfast show to play a game of “Agony Ant-Man,” where listeners could call in and ask Rudd for advice, but a “Welsh” caller sparked some suspicion.

“I wanted to pick your brains, so what would you do if you have, like, a really good mate, like for over 20 years, and then this friend — he doesn’t live in England — but he’s come to England and he hasn’t told you about it,” she said. “And then not only has he not told you about it, he’s come onto a radio show. What would you do?” Suddenly, the penny drops and Rudd realized the caller was talking about him. “I’d give him the benefit of the doubt,” he laughed. Next, the caller was unmasked as “The Crown” star Olivia Colman.

“Oh god . . . you really can do every accent,” Rudd said of the Oscar winner’s disguise. It turns out the two are great friends and actually go way back, having met when they were appearing in a play together. “Paul used to come and stay on the floor of our rubbish flat in south London and come for Sunday lunch and things,” Colman explained. She’d emailed the show asking if she could prank Rudd after hearing that he would be on air without organizing to meet with her while he was in the capital.

Rudd, who has admittedly been busy on his press tour, working on his wellness routine, and attending the Super Bowl last week, will surely need to make dinner plans ASAP with Colman. Now that’s a catch-up we’d love to be a part of!


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